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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

InkCycle's WRP is now... ReCore: The Recovery Company

InkCycle announces a BIGGER... BETTER... SIMPLER way to sell your empty ink and toner cartridges for quick money!  It's another "Tools for Traction" for InkCycle dealers!

To get started, simply go to
and register for free!

Chad Seal, ReCore Business Manager, said, "Our Waste Recovery Program (WRP) is now ReCore. ReCore's website is quick and easy to use.  We offer great prices on our buy back list, and of course, we cover shipping.  It's a great program that gets empty cartridges out of our dealers' warehouses and their customers' office building, and brings them back to us to recycle them.  It's a good thing for our dealers and the environment."

Once you register, you will have access to the buy back list as well as tips to help you get top dollar for your empty cartridges.  You will be able to schedule a pick up online or order shipping labels... all at no charge.  So don't throw your cores into the landfill... ReCore!  (And get cash!)

For more information about ReCore, please visit http://www.recovermyempties.com/, call (800) 494-9100 or email info@recovermyempties.com.

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