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Thursday, October 20, 2011

United Way Fundraiser -- Day Four!

The InkCycle team has been working and playing hard this week as we raise money for the United Way!  The week is almost over, but there's still some fun to be had.  At last count, we were at a little over $16,000 - on our way to our goal of $25,000 in pledges. 

Today, however, was SOUP DAY!  It's a favorite around here since it pairs our favorite past time of eating, along with something warm and delicious on a cool Kansas day.

If anyone missed their email this morning, we sent out a reminder on the new ReCore program.  The website is: http://www.recovermyempties.com/.  Next month, we will have a new promotion that will be "music to your ears," so keep collecting those valuable empties!  If you haven't registered at our website, go do it!  You will have access to the buy back list as well as tips for collecting and packaging of your empties.  Of course, you can still order shipping labels online, or schedule a pick up for empties that have been palletized. It's a great program to get you some money... and get those empty cartridges out of your way!

Crock Pot soups on a cool day in Kansas equals
a good day of fundraising at InkCycle!

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