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Friday, November 18, 2011

BTA: West Coast Update II

Guest Blog Reported by:Carl Little, VP-Dealer Sales
Paris Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

Day 2 of the BTA West District Event in Las Vegas has proven to be an eye-opening experience.  I've met with many dealers and I've listened to their stories.  One thing I'm sure of is that InkCycle can help them improve their margins, gain new customers, and run a better overall business.  That's why our "tools for traction" are the best in the industry.  We're here for you, and it's all about you!  If any of you haven't found me at the event yet, please come to our booth. If you're running out of time, send me an email on Monday when you get back in the office.  I would love to hear from you!

Earlier today, we heard from John Hey of the Strategic Business Association.  He stressed that using his "Model for Success" can be the difference between profitability or not.  A key figure he used is that dealerships need to focus on 6 or 7 high profile prospects/customers of your dealership, not the 10 or 20 most of us try to manage.  Protect your best accounts. 

There are 100 million printers and 8 million copiers/fax/mfps in the US.  While you can make money servicing a copier, the opportunity for growth really exists within the printer market.  There are so many more of them!  He also said the sweet spot in today's market are the companies with 100 employees that have 5-8 copiers, and 30-40 printers.  

On a similar note, John said Xerox has stated that 37% of what they service is non-Xerox equipment, while yesterday, Mark Mathews from Toshiba said 40% of what they service is non-Toshiba.  We should all be concerned that those big companies will be going after our customer base sooner than later. 

In my experience, I always asked our copier customers if we could put a service sticker on their printers or copiers.  No one ever said no.  The phone started to ring and it wasn't long until they us considered us their copier repair company, which soon turned into them considering us their supplies company as well.

Tom Callinan with Strategic Development delivered a great speech about gaining and keeping those great customers.  Tomorrow, I will share with you his insights.

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