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Saturday, November 19, 2011

BTA: West Coast Update III

Guest Blog Reported by:Carl Little, VP-Dealer Sales
Paris Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

Yesterday afternoon Tom Callinan and David Ramos of Strategy Development presented to a full room of dealers eager to get back to their hometowns and begin implementing some of the great information we've gained from this event.

Tom provided us with some great research as he begun his presentation.  He said that as an aftermarket supplier (in our case, remanufactured), it's important we know printer revenue from aftermarket supplies is 5-6 times that of a copier.  (If you need more incentive than that to go after that copier business, then you're in the wrong business!)  And according to Tom, the best way to win that business is by providing that customer a "one throat to choke" philosophy.  Don't lead with price, he said, lead with the fact that you can do it all for them.  Help desk, service, supply, leasing, managing the fleet, and redeploying it where needed. 

It's simple, be that company who handles everything that print, faxes, copies and scans.  You'll be their hero, and you'll lock in their business.

David focused on achieving your 2012 sales organization goals. His suggestion is that, as an industry, we change the way we train our salespeople.  This will not only reduce turnover and get the right people on the bus, but it will revise the sales process.  Salespeople need to have "basic business understanding from a strategic, financial and operational level," he said.  By doing so, your salespeople will know more that your competitor does.  And when that happens, they can speak to your prospects (and customers) about how business functions. 

Another point David made is that "presenting" has become a lost artform.  Presentation skills are imperative as a salesperson, and many times it's a skill that is lacking.  And training for it is hard to find.  Currently, we treat presention skills as something that someone is born with, or they aren't.  But it is something that can be learned, with practice.

Another important skill that David said is lacking in today's sales professionals are networking skills.  Teaching your sales professional how to go out and effectively network can make your dealership a lot of money!  It isn't enough to have the gift of gab anymore, they have to know how to position themselves.  They need to know what to say after that elevator speech!

I hope you've enjoyed my thoughts and reports from Las Vegas.  The 2011 BTA District Events have come to a close.  We'd like to thank the BTA for having us at all of the events!  From sea to shining sea I've met some of the greatest people at these events, and I'd like to say I've not only networked on a business level, I've also made friends.

I'm looking forward to a great 2012 with the BTA!

Don't forget the webinar series we are hosting next month!  Wednesday, December 7 at noon CST, our guest will be Larry Coco of Coco Training & Consulting.  He has over 25 years of experience in building and managing great sales teams... and his successes can help you!  Join us for "InkCycle Presents: How to Recruit & Retain You Sales Professionals."  (Click here to register.)




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