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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ITEX 2012: Show Update Day One

Education. Networking. Business.

This year's ITEX 2012 show has been moved back to Las Vegas after spending last year on the East Coast, but it hasn't lost any of it's steam.  This morning saw educational sessions that provided thoughtful insights into how to make your dealership better and more profitable.

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Attending this morning session with Docuware (whom InkCycle does not promote), provided some interesting information I would like to share with our dealer market who couldn't make it the presentation this morning.  As it seems more imperative to move toward a document management business plan, there was some timely information and pointers provided to us by Docuware's President, Thomas Schneck.

He provided some great facts that can help you get motivated to introducing a document management program to your current customer base.  It seems that only 15% of all companies use a document management system.  This means, the probability that you have customers who need this service, is great. The dealer just needs to harness the potential of document management for their customers.

The question that seemed to be on a lot of peoples' minds in the room was in regards to the training that sales representatives need, as well as how compensation plans need to be structured.  To answer this, Thomas suggested that dealers pay commission based on the gross profit of the software sales.  The professional services aspect of the account, he said, is not something that should be figured into the gross profit when paying commissions.

In regards to training, Docuware (and other managed print service providers) do offer training for sales representatives.  He did mention that having an on-site pro, who accompanies the sales rep on their presentation of a document management solution can help answer the specific, technical questions that others within the company have.  He reiterated that the sales rep should not speak in technical terms, and leave that conversation to the Solution Specialist.  He says common sense is really all that's needed to sell companies into a document management solution.

Another session I attended featured Abbyy USA, a technology company. Abbyy's founder and CEO Dean Tang had some insightful information about the adaptation of Cloud technology in managing mobile workforces (See Brad Roderick's previous post).  Dean shared with us that the transition of a company's information to the cloud is a logical step with MPS.  It also gives an older technology, OCR, a new growth strategy.  It can be used in iPhone apps for everything from scanning business cards to inputing mobile documents such as invoices and even, yes, paying your taxes.

Dean shared a great video from Turbo Tax called Snap Tax where the user takes a photo of their W-2 and the system automatically inputs it into their tax software.  It makes it possible to pay your taxes (1040EZ only) on your mobile device.  The download is free, and it's about $25 to file using the technology.

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