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Friday, November 16, 2012

More Magic from the West Coast

All this talk about the West Coast reminds me.... We have a location there! If you need quick shipping to the West Coast, we have you covered!

This afternoon's speakers were informative and interesting. We learned a lot about the changes needed in sales compensation plans, and also how to conduct a great sales call.

Luis Gonzalez of SalesScoreKeeper provided insight into the needs for today’s changing sales compensation plans. Since sales compensation structure impacts the behavior of the sales force, Luis stressed the importance of ensuring your plan is driving the behaviors you need. Many people focus on the commission rate but forget the impact of salary, especially in low volume producers. It's important that your sales staff understand their compensation plan and what it is based upon.

Kate Kingston of Kingston Training specializes in helping you have more qualified meetings with your prospects. She is known as a lead generator, cold calling and new business development expert.

Thanks to Executive Vice President, Brad Roderick, for another report from Las Vegas!


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