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Friday, November 2, 2012

Our thoughts are with the East Coast....

We have almost completed contacting all of our East Coast dealers to see how they are faring after Hurricane Sandy. We found that a few of you are open for business!

We've had some reports of roofs blown off of our dealer's buildings in Ohio, where the winds gusted up to 70 mph.  No injuries though.  We also had a dealer report that his NYU daughter is stuck in her apartment building with water up to the second floor! They are just waiting for the flood waters to recede at this time.

Our New Jersey and New York dealers have reported some severe damage, but no loss of life.  We are relieved that everyone is doing ok.  For most areas, it's too soon to tell the extent of the damage, but our thoughts are with our dealers.

At this time, we are encouraging gifts to the American Red Cross or Heart to Heart International to assist in the disaster recovery efforts.  As a USA-company, we know Americans are the strongest in the face of adversity, and we will help our dealers through this!


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