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Friday, November 16, 2012

We're Capturing the Magic in Las Vegas with the BTA

We're hearing great reports from the BTA West Coast "Capture the Magic" event in Las Vegas today. The keynote speaker, Ron Brooks, put on a great presentation yesterday.The best take-away from that presentation, has to be this: "It's not the hardest working or most intelligent, but the ones who adapt to change the fastest that will succeed."

Today, we attended "Lessons in Leadership for Dealership Transformation" with speaker Kim Ward of the Learning Outsource Group. Kim is the Director of Training and Development at Learning Outsource Group with expertise in organizational assessment, strategy, re-organization and cirriculum development.  He has also authored and co-authored numerous training programs.

According to Kim, senior leaders must take responsibility for leading the transformational changes required for their organizations to meet the changing demands of the marketplace.  In his research covering more than 20 industries, Learning Outsource Group has identified “7 Common Denominators” for leadership that makes a difference. Kim notes that, “People want leaders who show up who they actually believe and believe they are taking them somewhere worthwhile”. He adds that, “We are not really leaders unless someone follows us” and stresses, “Leadership is a contact sport”.

Here are the 7 common demoninators of leadership:

1.      Lead from the front.

2.      Constantly Expand Their Circle of Influence.

3.      Focus on Talent Acquisition and Development

4.      Perpetuate a Culture of Performance and Adaptability

5.      Leverage Best Practices, Technology, and Resources Across the Enterprise

6.      Inspire Commitment to Personal Excellence in Others

7.      Shape the Future of their Organization
Kim closed with: “The leaders that do the right things, when they look back, they see people actually following them.”

We really enjoyed your presentation, Kim. We also look forward to seeing you at other events in the future. Keep following our blog for MORE FROM BTA's CAPTURE THE MAGIC IN LAS VEGAS.

Thanks to Executive Vice President, Brad Roderick, for his report from Las Vegas!


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