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Saturday, February 9, 2013

BTA: Southeast District Event Recap

February 9, 2013 - Orlando, Florida. The BTA Southeast annual Winter Break district event has come to close.  With over 150 dealer participants and 36 vendors present, the event was a success! The weather in Florida was beautiful, and it truly was a nice Winter Break from the Kansas weather.

The keynote was Martin Brodigan, CEO of Ricoh America. He spoke to us about change, and how quickly every thing around us is technologically evolving.  With the wide-spread use of laptops and iPads, the way people choose to do business is changing. We have to provide more for the customer in terms of software and consulting. Once we earn their trust through software and consulting, the hardware, service and supplies come with it. He hit on the importance of strong working relationships with high level people who care about developing better business processes. Based on the way we are currently selling, we can't provide these services.  However, if we just change the way we sell within our dealerships, we can provide all of the things that today's customer needs.  They are willing to pay for it, they just haven't found the people who can provide them the value and relationship they need.

Look for us at the next BTA District Event, June 17-18, with the Mid-Americe District. "Cruise to Success" will be held in Chicago.

We will also be having private dealer meeting at ITEX 2013 (April 17-18). Contact Carl at 913-307-2185 to make your appointment.


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