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Thursday, December 12, 2013

BIX 2013 Education Session: STMC Certification Update

Our final session of the show! We join Bill Henry of the STMC program as he reviews with us the reasons why selling STMC cartridges is a way to improve your business practices.
STMC Certification Update
Presented by: Bill Henry

In 1997, the industry passed laws that allowed the use of remanufactured cartridges, however everyone purchased based on price. In 1998, buyers decided that they needed more information, aside from price, to deliver consistency and quality within the industry.  The value of STM Certification delivers a peace of mind to the consumer, as well as the reseller or dealer.  This standardized testing delivers a benchmark for comparison: apples to apples.

Since then, the STMC program has growth to be one of the most respected certification programs available to manufacturers. Industry trade associations and publications recognize the certifications. To have certifications, there must be training provided by an authorized trainer. The company has to agree to utilize the test methods, and the company must have the proper test equipment to perform all the testing protocols.

The STMC are planning to add an inkjet testing standard, as well as a toner color committee. Current standards are specifically focused on the monochrome laser toner cartridges.

For more information about certification, contact the International Imaging Technology Council (www.i-itc.org) or STMC (http://www.i-itc.org/stmc.html).

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