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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

BIX Show Education Session: Facts Bore, Stories Sell More

Today's second session features our own favorite speaker, Brad Roderick.  Always witty, always fun and lively; He is always one of the favorite speakers at any show!  I will do my best to paraphrase his presentation.... But there is no replacement for his swagger.
Facts Bore, Stories Sell More
Presented by: Brad Roderick, EVP, TonerCycle/InkCycle

Brad began by telling us his story. We were captured. Interested. And he gave us the details we
needed to know that he is truly an expert in the sales field. What was the best part? He uses stories to emphasis his experince.  Why? Because we are humans. And humans remember stories.

When telling the story of your company, and why a client should choose you, there are several ways you can go.  Brad's advice is to focus on a client success story. White papers and case studies are a good way to show what you've done while focusing on the client and not yourself.  Afterall, the client wants to know what you can FOR THEM, not what services you provide.

If you aren't a great writer, his advice is to find one. There are Journalism majors out there looking to make some money. You can capitalize on that simply by asking. It's great experience for new writers, and there are also companies who make a living writing white papers.

But here are things you need to looking when putting together a white paper. Write a great headline. Make it short. Be sure it's impactful. And be sure it gets attention. Also, stick to the formula of it being 80% about the client, and just 20% about you.

Testimonials are another, shorter way, to spread the good word about your company. When using testimonials, make sure you avoid the flowery testimonial that sounds like it's written for a friend.  Keep the testimonial to their problem and their personal solution. It will seem more genuine and definitely more believable.

Once you have a completed case study or testimnonial, use it!  Put it on your blog. Use it in social media. Put it on your website. Use it in your leave behind.  You can even include it within your proposals.

When we tell stories, it's not all about ourselves.  It encourges others to tell their stories so we can find out more about their peaks and valleys.  Then we can figure where our stories can intersect and merge to create a realtiaonship between the two companies.

You can contact Brad Roderick here at TonerCycle/InkCycle via email broderick (at) inkcycle (dot) com.

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