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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

BIX Show Education Session: Millennials, The New Workplace

The first installment of blog posts from BIX 2013 features the early morning session from Terrie Campbell of Ricoh.  Thanks to Terrie for a nice presentation full of fun facts and information about the new generation of they become more and more a part of our businesses.

Millenials: The New Workplace
Presented by: Terrie Campbell, Ricoh Americas

Terrie Campbell presented a look at the new generation of workers. What we learned? We learned
that they think differently, process things differently and work differently that current generations in the workforce. Terrie touched on the "trophy" generation and their love for the team mentality. She also mentioned their refusal to believe in the "work your way up" type of corporate culture.

The key, according to Terrie, is not to change their learning style, but to engage that learning style with today's workers.  Those older workers who are looking toward retirement, the Gen Xers who will be their co-workers for the years to come, and you, their boss, needs to understand these young people are focused on more than money, more than recognition, and they seem to have an adoration for social networking and social causes. But now you need to train these young employees to pull information not just from the internet, but from the resources who work within your company: Those older workers.

Some interesting facts shared by Terrie:

- Over 50 billion apps have been downloaded from Apple (May 2013).
-  Older workers (Boomers) will start a max exodus to retirement in 2020.  (That's only a few years away! Don't let the information in their head leave your organization when they do!)

Do you have millennials in your workplace? How do you engage them with your older workers?

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