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Thursday, December 12, 2013

BIX Show Education Session: #GoHashTagYourself

It's the final day of the show!  We're going out with an educational session Big Bang. Our first educational session of today features Jenna Mammoser, VP of Client Services at MWA.
Presented by: Jenna Mammoser, VP of Client Services, MWA

Jenna introduces us to the importance of social media for your company.  With the infection  well
Jenna Mammoser, VP of Client Services, MWA, shares her thoughts on social media at BIX 2013.
under way, she shared some staggering numbers about where social media is growing. Twitters fastest growing demographic is ages 55-64. Facebook's fastest growing demographic is 45-54 years old. Two new members join LinkedIn every second. And more on the point of this presentation: Hashtags on Twitter get 2X more engagement.

There is an addiction in not just young people, but everyone! 63% of smartphone users keep their phone with them all but one hour of their waking day. And 39% of smartphone users check their phone while using the bathroom.

There is a cure for the addiction. We are in information overload. To set yourself apart, you have to cut through the garbage and use clarity in your messaging. That doesn't mean you need to be on every social media channel. You have to find out what outlet works for you and create a plan. Use social media to brand, find resources, and provide services.  Not all social media is for your company. Sometimes you have to decide NOT to participate.

For business, LinkedIn is a great place to start. With more than 242 million business professionals on LinkedIn, it's not about the job search anymore. It's about having a the Yellow Pages complete with FACES. You can create your own social media waves through discussion groups, forums and educational opportunities.

It's time to get started. There are simple steps. 1.) Set a Goal (Gain exposure? Customer Interaction? Promote Products?) 2.) Choose Your Platform (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube), and 3.) Maintain and Manage. Don't abandon!

If you don't think social media is worth the effort, here's a fact for you:  By 2030 millennials will outnumber boomers by 22 million.  That's a lot of your customers being raised on social media, and those that will be looking at your company for products and services.  Make sure you are located where the customers are looking!

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