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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

BIX Show Educational Session: Real-World Social Media Strategies to Grow Your Sales

Today's final educational session is presented by Dealer Marketing's (formerly Dealer Marketing Systems) John Pulley. He's passionate about social media, and has helped many dealers in the industry create and market with websites they have created and social media channels they have helped create and manage.

Stay tuned tomorrow as we share more session take aways!  #GoHashtageYourself, What Business Are You In?, and the STMC certification update are on the schedule for the blog roll! Let us know if you are attending other sessions and would like to Guest Blog for us about your take-ways!
Real-World Social Media Strategies to Grow Your Sales
Presented by: John Pulley, Dealer Marketing

So you've set up a LinkedIn company profile, you're on LinkedIn yourself, you set up a Facebook fan
page, and even have a Twitter handle for your company. You're the social media king or queen now.... Right?  Buzz.  Wrong. Social media isn't about having profiles. It's about having conversations and genuine interactions with people.

Social media isn't about having an email list. It's about using that list. It isn't about being a place to cold call. It's THE place to meet people to turn that cold call into a warm call. And it definately isn't a promotional billboard. It's not on the side of the highway where everyone can't help but see it. It's a crowded space now and you have to provide value to your customers to get a moment of their time.  What social media is... Well, it's a forum for conversation. It's organic search results that ensure you are seen as the expert in your field.

The best way to earn that respect is by providing content to your customer that they can use to make their own buying decision.  But how do you do that?  There are no shortcuts to success in social media. Building a website does not mean you will be bombarded with phone calls for orders. Social is what people organically find about you and what can present you as an expert in your industry.  It's referrals and positive reviews.

People are going to research you through social media channels. Encourage the sales reps to like and share corporate posts.  Relationships drive sales and people buy from people. Social media is social. The more connections you have on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc., the more opportunities you have to introduced to others and to interact with others.  LinkedIn is a great source of referrals. Once you've closed business with  someone, check out their connections. They might be able to help you get in the door.

Provide information for your sales reps to share.  Put up new stories, and always include links to social media. As the millennials are getting more into the work force, using social media channels will become more and more needed. On the website (or blog), put new content up and encourage the sales reps to share with their own connections. It gets them to the website (and Google search will take note), and you continue to become the expert you need to be.

Keep your information flowing because as a technology company, you need to show that you know how to use the latest technology. His advice: If you aren't going to keep information flowing on those sites, then shut them down. Don't let the sites look unmonitored and abandoned.

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